IRS Restricts Tax Return Drop-offs at Assistance Centers

The Internal Revenue Service is taking steps to discourage tax preparers and other taxpayer representatives from dropping off completed tax returns at its local Taxpayer Assistance Centers instead of mailing or electronically filing them.

The IRS said in an email to tax professionals that starting this year, IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers generally will not accept bulk returns for processing and mailing, particularly when it affects taxpayer services. “The IRS hopes to eliminate the practice of taxpayer representatives dropping off completed returns for processing, especially during peak operating periods,” said the IRS.

The IRS explained that the intention behind the policy change is not to limit assistance to taxpayers or their authorized representatives, nor to limit taxpayer representatives’ visits to support their clients, particularly in situations where the taxpayer is facing financial harm or undue hardship, such as delinquent returns or to start or stop an installment agreement.

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