Former IRS Employees Plead Guilty to Receiving Unemployment Benefits While Employed

Six former Internal Revenue Service employees have pleaded guilty to receiving unemployment benefits while they worked at the agency.

Michelle Glavin, 32, and Christopher Castillo, 34, both of Kansas City, Mo., pleaded guilty Wednesday in separate appearances before U.S. District Judge Dean Whipple to the charge contained in a Dec. 10, 2013 federal indictment. Their co-defendants, Jesse Love, 61, and Tiffani Harding, 27, both of Kansas City, Mo., Shalonda Bradley, 41, of Grandview, Mo., and Berneta Weedin, 59, of Platte Woods, Mo., pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

By pleading guilty, each of the defendants admitted they claimed unemployment benefits while employed by the IRS. The defendants are no longer employed at the agency.

Each defendant also pleaded guilty to stealing government property by fraudulently claiming unemployment benefits to which they were not entitled. Under the terms of their plea agreements, the defendants must pay restitution for the amount of benefits illegally received.

Glavin received $5,144 in Missouri unemployment benefits, plus $16,204 in federal benefits while employed at the IRS, for a total of $21,348. Castillo obtained $6,365 in Missouri benefits and $4,727.80 in federal benefits, totaling $11,093. Love got $8,214 in Missouri benefits and$1,404 in federal benefits, for a total of $9,618. Harding received $2,664 in Missouri benefits, plus $8,650 in federal benefits, for a total of $11,315. Bradley obtained $6,279 in Missouri benefits, plus $250 in federal benefits, totaling $6,529. Weedin got $3,014 in Missouri benefits, plus $3,113 in federal benefits, for a total of $6,127.

The IRS often hires seasonal employees to help out during busy season who can legally claim unemployment benefits during the parts of the year when they are not working or being paid

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