Small Biz Owners Feeling More Confident

Small business owners are feeling more confident about their success over the next two years, but many are still having trouble accessing capital and loan. A new survey by the Hartford insurance company found that 70 percent of the small business owners they polled feel successful, even as they face challenging conditions.

The national economy continues to put pressure on the majority of small business owners, with 57 percent indicating it has had an impact on their business. When asked what prevents their business from being successful, small business owners noted that financing is a particular area of pain. Specifically, 34 percent of respondents said that obtaining a loan or other capital is difficult.

Despite high unemployment rates, finding qualified talent remains a challenge for 59 percent of the small business owners polled by the Hartford.

Small business owners remain optimistic about their success-even in a tough economy- because profits aren’t always the definition of success. According tothesurvey, 82 percent said they place great importance on doing something they feel passionate about and enjoy. While 77 percent acknowledged that increasing the profitability of their business year over year was very important, only 18 percent said this was the most important factor in defining success.

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